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Core Virtues

Founders Classical Academy of Mesquite believes that good character is not natural to human beings. Good character, rather, should be achieved through imitating those who are virtuous and developing habits of action that exhibit good character.

For this reason, Founders Classical Academy of Mesquite places a large importance on the development of good character through core virtues. Core virtues will be a part of daily life and learning on our campus.

The core virtues of Founders Classical Academy of Mesquite are:

  • Respect — I will humbly honor the dignity of others. 

  • Honesty — I will be truthful in my actions and in my words.

  • Self-government — I will take responsibility for my actions and seek to correct poor habits.

  • Service — I will do good things for the benefit of others without being asked and without expecting anything in return.

  • Courage — I will always seek to do the right thing in the face of difficulty, challenge, and adversity.

  • Diligence — I will put in an earnest effort to accomplish all of my tasks.

  • Perseverance — I will never give up even through the most challenging of times.

  • Integrity — I will do the right thing without being told and even when no one is watching. 

  • Wisdom — I will apply prudence and sound judgment in all my decisions.