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Attendance Policy

Our mission at Founders Classical Academy of Mesquite is to provide exceptional classical education and to encourage the virtues of character necessary for human flourishing. This requires a commitment, over the course of many years, to a specific course of study. A chief element of that commitment is regular and punctual attendance.

Absences from class may result in a serious disruption of a student’s mastery of the instructional content; therefore, the student and parent should make every effort to avoid unnecessary absences.

If a student is absent, parents are to call the school to report the absence before 9:30. Upon return to school, students are to produce a written note from home or a doctor’s excuse. A doctor’s excuse is required for any absences of more than 3 days.  Absences are considered unexcused unless a parent note is received within 3 days of the absence. All absences will be recorded by the teacher on a student’s page in the Discipline Book.

For Founders Classical Academy of Mesquite’s policy on compulsory attendance and attendance for credit, please consult the ResponsiveEd Parent/Student Handbook. 


Tardiness not only delays one’s own learning but is disruptive and interferes with the learning of one’s classmates. Students who arrive after 7:50 are considered tardy. Students who are tardy must be signed in by a parent or guardian before they will be permitted to attend class. 

Students will be disciplined if tardies become habitual.

Excessive tardies will result in a parent conference and possible dismissal from Founders Classical Academy of Mesquite.

Please ensure that your child or children are dropped off at school on time. Punctuality is part of being a virtuous citizen and is a proper habit to cultivate.

Excused Absences

Teachers will provide limited time for students to make up work for excused absences, though these days will still count against the total days of class. Absences will be excused for religious observances, court appearances, illness, and other reasons required by law. For more information, please consult the ResponsiveEd Parent/Student Handbook.